Dance The Night Away Show

Fierce Entertainment Limited is a proud producer of the high energy song and dance extravaganza "Dance The Night Away", featuring an international cast of professional dancers and singers from across the globe.

The hit show has been performed globally across the worlds most prestigious stages and locations, such as Monaco, United Kingdom, Dubai Opera House, Stockholms Oscars theatre and many more. 

The show incorporate a range of dance styles- from the slow waltz to the sizzling salsa. While also showcasing the tradition of ballroom & latin dance- we reinvent many aspects of it, through music choice, styling and innovative choreography. Bringing 'Dance The Night Away' into the modern age for the audiences of today. 


The luxurious costumes seen within our productions are made by the dress makers of BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing'- featuring a selection of eye-catching costumes, which are decorated to the highest standards, bringing the finest luxury and glamour to the stage.


We offer a variety of themed shows to suit any location or occasion : The classic stage version of 'Dance The Night Away', the latin spectacular 'Tropicana', the roaring 20's hit show 'Goes Gatsby'.


Our shows take audiences on an exciting journey of song and dance immersing them into the glamorous world of Dance The Night Away...